Submitted by Simon’s mom, Celeste
Adopted September 3, 2016

Passed August 10, 2021

We fostered and then adopted our farm retired, HW positive Simon in September 2016. HW treatment was scary but we succeeded and never looked back.

Simon loved EVERYONE! Age or gender did not matter… if they made eye contact with him, they had better pet him and love him or he would whine for attention. As AGPR’s local “ambassador”, Simon was invited to Rotary meetings and was a movie star at some of the local Petco stores. We had to spell Petco or he would be up and running around waiting to get in the car for another visit with his fan club.

He loved sleeping on the sofa and had to have the end with the armrest. If either of us sat in “his space,” Simon would gaze into our eyes and will us to move over. Once done, he’d jump up, give a huge sigh, and go to sleep. That always brought a smile to our faces—he sure knew how to communicate.

We’ll miss our handsome, loveable (sometimes naughty) boy and his kissable face. And those eyes that would look adoringly right into your heart… the tail wag when you walked in the room even if you just left 10 seconds earlier… the big sighs when he was content (and we heard so many of them). We’ll miss his head on our lap when sitting next to him to watch television, read or work on our laptops.

Simon, life won’t be the same without you but we know you are running free and are no longer in the pain which you stoically tried to hide. Thank you so very much for the five years of unconditional love you gave us and for protecting us from danger. Thank for for continuing to teach us that it is so very true: “’tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”

Rest in peace sweetie… we love you and miss you, buddy.

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