Nala Needs Your Help!

NALA UPDATE:  August 5, 2018 – It has been a little over a week since we introduced Nala to the used cart we had in storage.  She has been amazing!  She is learning where and how to sit so she can be harnessed and hooked into the cart.  Nala is learning to “swing wide” so she can navigate her way out the door and not get stuck.  We swear she is smiling as she trots down the driveway and tosses her head back to feel the wind in her hair.

Two Wheeling 

 We took measurements so we could order her a new cart.  Over the past week, she has improved her posture so we need to take new measurements so the cart fits her better. 

Sees a Squirrel

 Nala and AGPR would like to thank all of Nala’s heros for donating to pay for her new cart and some of her current vet bills.  She has an appointment with an ortho specialist this month.  We are hoping for more positive progress.  This girl is awesome and is proof that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.  Nala inspires us.

Meet sweet Nala. Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue recently welcomed this extra special girl, one who will need quite a bit more help than most.

Nala was found in a shelter several weeks ago and we knew we had to intervene.

From what we were told, Nala was purchased  at a pet store five years ago and recently surrendered by her owner. Within the first year, the muscle strength in her hind legs started to deteriorate and it was clear she had some sort of medical issue. Today Nala does not have use of her hind legs and cannot walk. Our understanding is that she’s been this way for several years. This persistent and tenacious pyr has managed to master a shimmy-scoot and shows us her determination for mobility! Nala Scooting

In the few weeks that we’ve had her, we’ve engaged multiple vets and specialists with more lined up so we can identify the best treatment option. So far, she has been diagnosed with a congenital deformity and luxating patellas. It’s unclear at this time whether surgery is a possibility or what it would entail, but we will relentlessly pursue finding her the treatment she is so long overdue.

Although no longer a pup, Nala has many years ahead of her and we want to set her up to be as comfortable and happy as possible. She is going to need a cart to improve her mobility and allow her to enjoy at least some of the typical doggie activities that she has been denied thus far in life. We’ve managed to piece together an old cart to test her willingness and it is evident that we need to order a new one to keep up with her. Nala’s old cart adventure

We are also exploring if alternative medicine (i.e. acupuncture) or physical therapy can make her more comfortable or, better yet, improve her mobility. There are lots of options on the table, which means there’s lots of hope!

Helping Nala will not be a small task. It will require the support of numerous people as the financial resources needed may also be sizable. We ask that you please consider donating to help Nala on her path to her better, happier doggie self.

Nala and AGPR thank you very much for your support!

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