Bert, Roxy, & Zelda Update

12/12/2020 Update

Happy Holidays from Roxy, Bert, and Zelda!!!

“Who is Zelda?” you ask.

She is a lovely one-year-old female who could not walk on her back legs. Her owners could not afford surgery so she came to AGPR. Zelda arrived on November 1st, and was in for ortho surgery on the 2nd. She had TPLO surgery to fix her ACL, and appears to have recovered well. Ahhhhh… to be young!

All three young Pyrs have a post-surgery appointment at the ortho surgeon after Christmas. Assuming Roxy and Zelda healed well from their last round of surgery, they will undergo surgery on their other back legs.

Roxy needs luxating patella (floating kneecap) surgery, and another TPLO for Zelda, followed by 8 – 10 weeks of recovery.

Bert is recovering slowly from his two luxating patella surgeries and our hopes are that he is done with surgery and just heals slower than the girls.

BREAKING NEWS! — A Holiday Miracle!

A generous couple has offered to match donations for Bert, Roxy, and Zelda’s ortho surgeries up to $3600 through the end of the year. We are so grateful and so excited.

As a result of your generosity, we were able to raise about 60% of their medical bills to date. If we are successful in achieving this offer to match donations up to $3600, those funds will pay for Zelda and Roxy’s upcoming surgeries.

If you would like to help us achieve this holiday miracle, donations can be made right here!

Roxy and Zelda (along with Bert and all the Pyrs at Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue) appreciate your generosity during this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

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Happy October!!!

It has been several months since our buddies Bert and Roxy had their first round of surgery on their back legs.  Both of them had one of their knees fixed and have been in the comfort of loving foster homes post-recovery.  We are so grateful to their foster families!

Today (October 20), they went in for their second round of surgery on their other knee.  Both were troopers the first time around and are enjoying their improved mobility.  We promised them they could go back to their foster homes in a couple weeks if they behave themselves after surgery.

We thank all of you who were so kind with your donations to AGPR to help fund their first surgery.  Your generosity has helped to pay for almost half of their first round of surgery.  As many of you know, knee surgeries are certainly not cheap (~$4000 per knee).  But Bert and Roxy are young and adorable and sweet and they deserve a chance to have a carefree future. 

An extra bonus for Bert and Roxy during recovery?  Our volunteer pet photographer, Becky Huddleston, came out this summer and did a photo shoot which included our two cuties.  Check out the mohawk hairdos on the two of them…aren’t they adorable? Thank you Becky for the awesome photos!


If you are interested in helping out Roxy and Bert, you can donate here

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Happy summer from all of us at AGPR (including Bert (left) and Roxy (right))!  

As many businesses start to open up, our favorite canine ortho specialist invited us to bring Roxy and Bert in for a much needed consultation.

Who are Roxy and Bert you ask? Let’s go back to last March (2019) when we experienced March Madness. For those of you not familiar with the “event”, AGPR agreed to take in 25 Pyrs from a hoarding situation. Oh my, we did not know what we were in for at the time, but thanks to help from volunteers and donors/supporters, we survived!

Siblings Bert and Ernie and Roxy and Foxy were four months old when they arrived…all four with “mohawk hairdos” (adorable) and very, very shy.  It was obvious they had not had much human interaction. Foxy and Ernie found themselves loving homes. Bert and Roxy stayed with us because we believed they had knee problems and we had to wait until they grew into their body to know for sure.

​​​​​​Fast forward to present day. X-rays at our vet confirmed healthy hips but knee issues. Roxy and Bert’s ortho specialist confirmed the diagnosis for both dogs and asked us to leave them that day – he would do the surgery. 

So Roxy and Bert are now back at AGPR. Both legs look like “chicken legs” since they are all shaved and Roxy is NOT happy wearing the cone of shame. And after a six to eight week recovery, we do it again on the other knee. Needless to say, their surgeries are taking a big chunk out of our budget during a time when our boarding kennel saw little to no income. We could use some help so we are setting up this Bert & Roxy Fundraiser.