Great Pyr Gear

What could be more fun than a Great Pyrenees teamed up with Teddy the Dog???
Teddy the Dog company has asked Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue to be part of their pilot to offer Teddy gear to rescues so the rescues do not have to take on inventory and stock tees. We will offer the branded Pyr Pressure tees on our website as well as a couple other selected brands. The orders are processed through Teddy the Dog and are shipped straight to you. For each purchase made through our website, we will receive a generous donation from Teddy the Dog. At this point, we are not able to offer shirts with our logo on the sleeve or a variety of colors since we are in the early stages of the pilot program. If successful, we hope to be able to expand the selection.
Questions with an order should be directed to Teddy’s customer service number (844-344-3647 x1)
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