Submitted by Ellie Roberts
Came to AGPR on 8/11/2017
Passed in 2022

Bones came to AGPR over 5 years ago and was scared of his own shadow. He would shy away from hands reaching to pet him and was always on edge. After spending time in two different foster homes, he returned to AGPR as a changed dog. He also formed a bond with a headstrong and stalwart girl named Kai. Bones and Kai were like the old married couple next door. They bickered every now and then, but they balanced each other out, and their connection grew with each passing day. Kai taught Bones to have some confidence, and Bones showed Kai a great deal of manners and patience.

I met Bones for the first time in October of 2020. After a great display of barking and growling, I decided that he wanted nothing to do with me, so I left him alone for a while. After some time, I began to realize that Bones didn’t hate me; he was scared of me. Many walks, treats, and forced ear scratches later, Bones and I were thick as thieves. He was one of those dogs that made you feel like the most important person in the world, he never got enough attention. He gave so much grace to every living thing, whether it was a barking dog or a person who had accidentally stepped on his foot. Bones knew his purpose in this world, something that many of us will never know. He lived every single day to the fullest, never wasting a moment of his beautiful existence here.

Bones, we miss you more with each passing day. You were such a shining light in all of our lives, especially for Kai. We will always hold a special place in our hearts, minds, and at AGPR for you. Run free sweet boy.