Submitted by Faith’s Parents, Dave & Jeanie
Adopted September 16, 2021
Passed August 19, 2022

Faith. Born February 11, 2016 and died August 19, 2022. Adopted September 16, 2021 with her sister Hope, littermate daughters of Sarge and Sadie in a long line of pedigree Great Pyrenees.

Faith loved walks in the woods. Osteosarcoma ended her walks and eventually took her life too soon. She also loved her sister deeper than words can express. She loved people and especially kids. She was a dedicated guardian who protected us from trains, fire trucks, UPS trucks, ambulances, and of course all unwanted intruders including possums, raccons, skunks, foxes, coyotes, wolves, bears, ninjas, and invisible nothings. She loved salmon and that was the last thing she ate–for dinner and later with meds to ease the trauma of her final hours.

We were blessed to receive the love and devotion she gave us every day for eleven months. We wish it had been longer, of course, but angels come when you need them and leave when they must go. Writing this last sentence is the first time I have shed a tear over her passing. It comes straight from my heart. We will miss sweet baby Faith, but her spirit will always be with us.