Roxy, Bert and Zelda…and they lived happily ever after!

Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue is so excited to share the wonderful news about Roxy, Bert and Zelda.  Thanks to our generous donors in Texas who offered to match $4600 in donations and to YOU for helping us meet the challenge, the multiple ortho surgeries for these three dogs were paid off.

And those surgeries were necessary in order for these three lovely Pyrs to live a normal, healthy life and be adopted by loving families.

ROXY – This pretty little girl was adopted in March and she’s doing great!   She has settled in and really enjoys going to her WV home for part of the week.  Roxy loves the rain and goes out to play in it and comes back in soaking wet and very content.  Roxy’s owner tells us that she has found her voice (we knew she had one and loves to express her opinion).  Overall—she seems to be happy with her new family.

BERT – Our handsome boy has his new family (especially his mom) wrapped around his dew claws.  He was adopted the end of January had been having fun being exposed to new things.  When he goes to Lowes with his mom, he is a “rock star”…everyone wants to love on him and tell him how handsome he is.  He’s loving the attention!  Bert has a “crowing chicken” toy and loves to make it crow and then sing (howl) in response.  He is loved by his new mom and dad.

ZELDA – Our sweet girl was adopted in February to a family with Pyr experience and they took good care of her in her remaining weeks of recovery.  That worked out well for her since it gave her and her two canine “brothers” time to acclimate.  One of her big brothers is a Pyr about the same size as Zelda and now that she is all healed, they are really enjoying their time together.  They are such good playmates and enjoy running and games of tag followed by long naps on the cool floor.

Without you, we would not be sharing these happy endings.  Thank you for your generosity and continued support!

Roxy, Bert and Zelda…and they lived happily ever after!