Miss Daisy

miss daisy's smiling pyr faceSubmitted by Miss Daisy’s Family
Adopted on 1/9/2010
Passed on 6/27/2021

The day after Thanksgiving, 2009, we got a call that a litter of puppies was coming in and AGPR could use some help. We drove our family down and spent the evening bathing and grooming puppies. The poor pups were covered in fleas! Daisy was in that litter.

Miss Daisy, also known as Little Miss, Miss Thing, Doodlebug, Daisy Doo, and when she was younger, Crazy Daisy due to all her energy, was a very sweet and good girl. She had a lovely smile, was always up for a meet and greet when family and friends came home and a snuggle in the evenings or mornings. And oh did she love to bark! She was a brave protector of home and family. Deer, squirrels, birds, neighbors (only one ever complained) knew Daisy’s bark. She was the queen at home — all the other dogs and cats recognized that and paid her a good deal of respect and love. She fiercely protected the kitchen from interlopers when nice cheese was around to ensure that if any “fell” on the floor she could “rescue it” (aka eat it). In the evenings she was always there waiting for us at the end of the room as we sat down for a bit of TV. We loved her very much and miss her greatly. And we appreciate that AGPR provided us the opportunity to be with her all these years.

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